Annand William 1808-1892 Born In Halifax County Entered The Nova

Scotia Assembly as one of the members for Halifax, 1836; financial

secretary in Howe's ministry, 1860-1863. An active opponent of

Confederation. Formed the first Anti-Confederate or repeal government in

Nova Scotia, 1867; retired in 1874 to accept the position of immigration

agent at London, where he died. =Index=: (Joseph Howe era) Elected to represent

Halifax in Nova Scotia Legislature, as Joseph Howe's colleague, 1836,

29; assumes control of Nova Scotian, 74-75; publishes Morning

Chronicle, 75; advocates central non-sectarian college for Nova Scotia,

82; becomes financial secretary of province, 169; Wm. Miller brings

action against for libel, 188; goes to London, 1866, as Anti-Confederate

delegate, 192; becomes head of Nova Scotia government, 202; member of

repeal delegation to London, 1868, 204; turns against Howe, 208, 209,

217; receives vote of thanks from Nova Scotia Legislature, 218. =Bib.=:

Campbell, History of Nova Scotia; Saunders, Three Premiers of Nova


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