Allsopp George

Settled in Quebec, 1761, and became prominent in

maintaining the rights of the civil authority as opposed to the

military. January, 1766, appointed deputy secretary, clerk of the

Council, and registrar of enrolments, but because of his opposition to

the government, Murray refused to admit him to office. In April, 1768,

Carleton confirmed him in these appointments, which he retained until

superseded by George Pownall in 1775. From 1771 to 1776 deputy

commissary-general. One of the original members of the Legislative

Council, under the Quebec Act. In 1780, when the Legislative Council

presented an address to Haldimand opposing the passing of an ordinance

amending the judicial system of the province in accordance with royal

instructions to the governor, voted against the address and caused a

strongly worded protest to be entered in the minutes of the Council.

This action resented by members of the Council, and ultimately led to

his dismissal by Haldimand, February, 1783. =Index=: (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) Member of

Council suspended for sedition, 1783, 175. =Bib.=: Christie, History of

Lower Canada.

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