Allen Ethan 1737-1789 Index : Lord Dorchester Era Seizes Ticonderoga And Crown

Point, 83; marches against Montreal, 98; captured with part of his

force, 99; put into irons, 100; proposes separate arrangements between

Vermont and Canada, 244, 245. (Sir Frederick Haldimand era) His intrigues in connection with

political status of Vermont, 197-216; his great duplicity, 209, 213;

proposes secret treaty to Haldimand, 214; true to Vermont only, 217.

See also Montgomery; Arnold; American Invasion. =Bib.=: Allen's

Captivity: Being a Narrative Containing his Voyages, Travels, etc.;

Henry Hall, Ethan Allen; Jared Sparks, American Biography, ser. 1,

vol. 1; Cyc. Am. Biog.; Bradley, The Making of Canada.

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