Allcock Henry

Studied law at Lincoln's Inn, and called to the bar,

1791. In November, 1798, appointed judge of Court of King's Bench for

Upper Canada. Elected to Legislative Assembly for constituency of

Durham, Simcoe, and E. York, 1800, but unseated by the Assembly, June,

1801. Under the direction of Lieutenant-Governor Hunter, engaged in the

preparation of a bill to establish a Court of Equity in the province,

and was to have been the first chancellor of the Court. The Court of

Equity, however, was not at this time established, and on the removal of

Chief-Justice Elmsley to Lower Canada, October, 1802, was appointed

chief-justice of Upper Canada, and a member of the Executive and

Legislative Councils. On the death of Elmsley, promoted to chief-justice

of Lower Canada, July 1, 1805. In August, 1806, took his seat as a

member of the Executive Council, and in January, 1807, appointed a

member and chairman of the Legislative Council. Died at Quebec, Feb. 22,

1808. =Bib.=: Read, Lives of the Judges; Cartwright, Life and Letters

of Richard Cartwright.

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