Allan Sir Hugh 1810-1882 Founder Of The Allan Line Of Steamships

Came to Canada from Scotland, 1826, and in 1831 entered the shipbuilding

firm of James Millar & Co., Montreal, of which he became a partner in

1835. In 1853 his firm began building iron screw steamships, and their

first vessel, the Canadian, made its first voyage in 1855. The

following year, with a fleet of four vessels, a regular service was

opened between Canada and England, with fortnightly sailings. In 1859

the fleet was increased to eight steamers, and a weekly service opened.

From these small beginnings, the Allan Line has risen to a foremost

place in transatlantic transportation. =Index=: (Sir John A Macdonald era) President of the

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President of Montreal Board of Trade, presides at public dinner to

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