Alaska Boundary Question

Arose out of differences of opinion as to

the interpretation of the 1828 Convention between Russia and Great

Britain, and particularly as to the boundary of the coast strip. The

United States contention was that the boundary should follow a line

approximately parallel to the coast and thirty marine miles distant

therefrom; the Canadian, that it should follow the summit of the first

range, crossing many of the inlets near their mouths. The decision of

the Joint Commission of 1903 did not concede the United States claims in

full, but gave them an unbroken littoral, substantially what they had

contended for. =Index=: (Sir James Douglas era) Effect of Russian occupation, 38; early

history of, 119; history of dispute, 340-341. =Bib.=: Hodgins, British

and American Diplomacy Affecting Canada; MacArthur, The Alaska

Boundary Award, in the Univ. Mag., December, 1907; Bourinot, Canada

under British Rule; Proceedings of the Alaska Boundary Tribunal,

Washington, 1904; Ewart, The Kingdom of Canada.

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