Ailleboust De Coulonge Louis D'

Administered settlement of

Villemarie during the absence of Maisonneuve. Promoted to governorship

of Three Rivers. Became governor of Canada, 1648. Succeeded by Lauzon,

1651. Administered the colony, 1657. Died at Quebec, 1660. =Index=: (Count Frontenac era)

Succeeds Montmagny as governor, 35; interim governor, 42. (Bishop Laval era) His pious

administration, 8. =Bib.=: Parkman, Old Regime; Douglas, Old France

in the New World.

Aikins James Cox 1823-1896 Educated At Victoria College Elected Aillon Father De La Roche D' facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail