The name Acadia or "la Cadie" is found as early as Nov. 8,

1603, in the commission of Henry IV appointing Pierre du Gua, Sieur de

Monts, lieutenant-general in La Cadie, extending from the fortieth to

the forty-sixth degree of north latitude. The limits were afterwards

reduced, and the boundaries of Acadia became a cause of contention

between France and England. France claimed that the English possessions

were restricted to the peninsula of Nova Scotia, and that the territory

now known as New Brunswick had not been ceded to England. The first

settlement in Acadia was on the Island of St. Croix in 1604, but the

following year it was transferred to Port Royal, and abandoned in 1607.

Three years later the Sieur de Poutrincourt established a new settlement

at Port Royal, which was destroyed by Argall in 1613. In September,

1621, James I granted the territory of Acadia, under the name of Nova

Scotia, to Sir William Alexander. This grant was renewed in July, 1625,

by Charles I. A small Scottish settlement was established at Port Royal

by the grantee. Acadia was restored to France by the treaty of St.

Germain-en-Laye in 1632, and during the same year new settlers were

brought from France. Acadia was finally ceded to Great Britain by the

treaty of Utrecht in 1713. =Index=: (Samuel de Champlain era) Its resources and limits, 18;

English king indisposed to restore, 213. (Count Frontenac era) Attempt to form settlement

in, 6; seized by English under Kirke, 22; subsequent vicissitudes,

268-272; seized under orders from Cromwell, 268; settlers disposed to

trade with New England, 270; Port Royal (Annapolis) made capital, 270;

visited by Meulles and Saint Vallier, and census taken, 271; Port Royal

and other posts captured by Phipps, who establishes government, 274;

passes again under French control, 316. =Bib.=: Champlain, Voyages;

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